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          Long ago I had my first cigar at the ripe old age of 18. I realized that there was something truly unique about cigars. I knew I was passionate about them. I loved the aroma, the flavor, and the sense of relaxation that came with smoking a fine cigar. After years of smoking and collecting cigars, I decided to start my own cigar business. I traveled the world with my wife visiting tobacco farms and factories to learn the art of cigar making. I met with experts and studied the industry inside and out. Finally I felt I had enough resources to start my own cigar lounge. Thus the idea of Sherri's Executive Lounge  was conceived. This name was chosen to Honor my mom who had passed recently. My goal with Sherri's Executive Lounge Is to provide a world class experience for cigar enthusiasts, business professionals, and anyone seeking a refined space to unwind and connect, and I can't wait to have you come in an enjoy this truly unique space.


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