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Lounge Coming Soon April 2024


We understand the need to break away from the corporate environment and get the work done in a relaxing space. We provide a space where creative thought, lucid conversation, and dramatic action in the face of difficult decisions can take place.

This inviting space caters to all your executive level needs, functionality, collaborative technology, cigars and whisky if that’s your choice

Our Executive Lounge is 2000 Sq. Ft of  of relaxing tufted leather chairs and couches, all with an executive level ambiance. We wanted to create a space that caters to all walks of life, from those new to the cigar scene to professional cigar aficionados. 

We have designated rooms designed with noise cancellation in mind for those who want a quiet evening, as well as more sociable aspects such as sports television, and news.

The Lounge is stocked with a plethora of fine imported and local cigar brands. We are also BYO Establishment.

Additionally, members get a compilatory glass and unlimited ice for the duration of their stay. If Alcohol is not in the cards for you, check out our full service Mocktail Bar. As well as the conference rooms for corporate meetings and small afternoon retreats and gatherings.

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